16x20 Picture Frame W/ MAT FREE SHIPPING (6 pcs/box) Wood

 This is a brand new 16 x20 picture/photo frame

1 1/4'' wide and 3/4'' thick molding

Condition: New (ORIGINAL FACTORY packed)
Material: Wood

Package contains:
The frame itself (6 pcs), Acrylic, backboard, and hooks. Each frame has individual box with bubble bag protected.  We pack all the item very carefully to avoid shipping damage.

The mat size is 16x20 for 11x14 photo and the actual opening is 10.5x13.5". The default color is white. Other colors are also available. If you need other color mat, please email us with your order number within 24 hours.

The Acrylic Clear glass has two protected cover sheets on both side.

When you insert your photos, remember to remove the protected cover sheets.

Quantity 1 = 6 frames + 6 mats

  • Shipping Weight: 26.000lbs

$115.85  $88.99
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1620B216x20 Picture Frame W/ MAT FREE SHIPPING (6 pcs/box) Wood88.99