50- 14x18 mats for 11x14 + backing, FREE SHIPPING

All of these items come with the acid free pre-cut mat, backing board and FREE SHIPPING.

The opening size is 10.5"x13.5" for 11x14 print.

You can select if you'd like your mats to be White or Black.

The mats are cut at beveled.

The backing is also 4-ply.

 Our acid-free whitecore matboards are a 4-ply papermat that provide the aesthetic and design benefits of a bright white bevel., Each sheet of mat board has a richly colored front surface, a white core and a white backing. It can be used for matting photos, art, and needlepoint. Also great for crafts, backboards, signs, children's projects, and school projects.


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1418K-5050- 14x18 mats for 11x14 + backing, FREE SHIPPING116.99