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90~5x7 Mats Mattes for 4x6 w/ backing + bags FREE SHIPPING HW

$49.99  $41.99
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I'm very impressed with this product. I did alot of shopping online including amazon and found this product to be the best for coming with bags and backboards considering the shipping being free. Because they are out of California it tooks days for it to arive vice weeks. I wasn't expecting the high quality product. I just assembled about 50 prints. It was a joy because the matt is a great quality, great color and variety. The backboards are white on both side making the product look more professional from the back. The sleeves are the perfect size making it easy to slip the matt in but not loose and come with a sealer on it. I can't say a single negative thing about this product. Their customer service is great to. I've been asking them questions about another product and get quick friendly replies that same day. I'm going to purposely do business with them again.
Date Added: 09/08/2012 by Mark Treen