Blue ATG Gun Tape Dispenser For 1/2" and 3/4" ATG tape

  • accepts 60 yd. rolls! --unlike many that only accept smaller rolls
  • quality dispenser gun with clear dust cover and instructions
  • the Adhesive Transfer System is neat, clean and reliable!
  • adjustable tension, trigger release for clean start/stop

The dispenser/applicator will automatically wind up the liner on your ATG tape during use. It will accommodate both 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch rolls of ATG tape (it accepts 1/4 inch ATG tape also although rolls may slide around a bit on the spool since the spool is wider than the tape; however some people find it not to be an issue). All of the ATG tapes we sell will fit in the ATG1 dispenser. The dispenser color will either be blue, red, teal or orange depending on the color of the last lot received in. USAGE NOTES: Start by putting the roll of tape on the spool in the middle of the gun with the tape running down clockwise (make sure the roll snaps down on to the spool so that if you pull on the tape the roll does not spin freely on the spool unless you are also holding the trigger down). It then runs on top of the roller closest to it and then under the roller in the front of the gun. During usage the adhesive gets applied at the point of the front roller so when you are first loading the gun remove any adhesive off the liner by hand at this point so only the liner then comes back over the roll which is on the main spool in the middle of the gun and then runs under the liner take-up spool (secure the liner in one of the slits in that spool). Then hold the trigger down when applying the tape (it allows the spools to turn). To stop applying let go of the trigger and pull the dispenser away.

  • Shipping Weight: 3.000lbs


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