Lineco Book Repair Tape- 2 Inch Wide Self Adhesive White

Color: White (GSA-550-1506). We also carry the color black (item: GSA-550-1505). PLEASE NOTE: that the color black is not included in this item.

Book repair tape is a vinyl coated cloth tape that is water and abrasion resistant. It has a matte finish, which makes it aesthetically preferable and easily conforms to the contour of book spines. Each 2" x 15 yard pressure-sensitive roll can be used to attach torn book covers. Please note: This material is not considered to be archival quality and should not be used on rare books or other artifacts.

  • 2 inches wide
  • Archival Book Repair tape
  • 15 yards per roll
  • White Color
  • Durable, High-tack tape


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GSA-550-1506Lineco Book Repair Tape- 2 Inch Wide Self Adhesive White14.9