Lineco Frame Sealing Tape Gray 1.25 Inches X 24 Feet

Lineco Gray Frame Sealing Tape comes in a 1.25 inch by 24 foot roll and is designed to seal backing boards to frames. This pressure senstive tape seals well against almost any surface and adapts to surface irregularities. Made out of exclusive Perma/Seal Stock that has a foil layer for strength this frame sealing tape perfectly matches the Lineco gray frame backing paper and features a permanent acrylic adhesive that is non-yellowing.

  • Made from exclusive Perma/Seal label stock with foil layer
  • Pressure sensitive permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Developed to seal backing board to frame
  • 1.25 In X 12 Ft


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GSA-L387-0151MLineco Frame Sealing Tape Gray 1.25 Inches X 24 Feet8.3